ThreeD is a learning tool for students who are going to learn material technology.

ThreeD is adigital material testing app, where you can manipulate material and find firmness, strength etc. using a 3D space. The purpose is to simplify the information so that it is easier to learn and accessible at any time.

Project duration: 3 weeks
Course: Industrialdesign in context 3 semesters
Task: digitize material technology
Collaboration: Carl Mangus Tranberg & Ninni Stedje
Rapport: 3D(Norwegian)
Programs: Solidworks, Figma,
Adobe XD, Photoshop and Illustrator

In materials technology is it important to get a feel for the material's reaction to external forces.

By using your fingers as forces, ThreeD will convert this to Newton forces. This gives a sense of how the material will react to external forces in a digital space.

Simplified information

Assignments & tests in the course