Fast sit

Fast sit is an outdoor piece of furniture designed for smaller balconies. Through flexible use, space efficiency, this seating unit opens up for varied use.

Fast sit is 1x1 m, and the protoype is a scale model 1: 5.

Project duration: 4 weeks
Course: Industrial design in context 4.semester
Task: outdoor furniture
Collaboration: Luca Verde
Rapport:Fast Sit(Norwegian)
Programs: Solidworks, fusion, photoshop og indesign

The balconie furniture is a seating unit designed for varied and comfortable use.

The frame is made of impregnated pine and is packed together by weaving the wooden strips together and can form a compact shape.

The mat itself is made of recycled seat belts which provides a solid, sustainable and comfortable sitting experience. The mat can be removed completely and used in other environments.

Fast sit works with Quick - release assembly.

That is a locking mechanism designed to lock bicycles and acts as a quick solution for loosening and tightening. The principle will work in the same way as the wing nuts, but will shorten the process and use less space.