The bird & The Dolphin

The bird & the dolphin is a nailknife for children from 8-12 years. The knives are designed for safe use, good grip and attractive aesthetics.

The design consists of two knifes, used two different production methods 3D modeling and injection modeling.

Project duration: 4 weeks
Course: Industrial design in context 4.semester
Task: Injection molding and 3D printing"
Collaboration: Eric Michael Molumby & Ida Sofie Mahle
Rapport:The Dolphin and the bird(Norwegian)
Programs: SolidWorks, Fusion, Keyshot & Photoshop

The Bird & the Dolphin

The Bird

The knife is designed for locking grips. The index finger is placed in the hole, where the grip is locked. Then nailing, it is thus not possible for the knife to change the position of the hand. Accidents involving dropping the knife are thus completely eliminated.

The thumb location gives the user control and better power development.

The Dolphin

The knife is designed for a good grip & safe use. The shaft follows the grip's natural arch, with an organic design language.

The angle of the arc creates a stop, in that the fingers are not moved directly towards the blade during force development. The thumb is placed on the back of the knife, which provides control and good power development