Solve the riddle

An interactive crime novel for children aged 10-14 years. Here you are the detective. As a detective, you need to find out who the villain is. You have a tool menu available during reading, which helps you find clues.

Project duration: 3 weeks
Course: Interactive products 3.semester
Task: create an interactive reading experience
Collaboration: Ninni Stedje & Romeo Romas
Programs: Java script, CSS/html, Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator & Premierpro
Rapport: Solve the riddle

The tools menu in Solve the riddle consists of a flashlight, camera, magnifying glass and a notepad. All tools are interactive.

The flashlight is used when it is dark, the camera takes pictures, the magnifying glass finds small things and the notepad is used for your own notes.

Each reader has a board available

The bord collects all the saved infomation