High or low tea

This is a sandwich experience out of the ordinary. The serving set is multifunctional and can be transformed into two different versions. An upright tray or a flat tray, depending on which dining experience the customer wants.

High or Low tea opens up opportunities to explore the food service's portesiale.

Project duration: 4 weeks
Course: Introduction to design 1 semster
Task: serving tray(collaboration with restaurant Centropa)
Rapport: High or Low tea(Norwegian)
Programs: Illustratior, Photoshop & Indesign

The choice of High or Low tea is made before serving by the waitress or chef.

Each wing is cut by 45 degrees, which enables the transformation. With a 90 degree rotation of the wing, you enable the transformation.

high tea

Rotating joints

Low tea

Build High tea together

When stacking the set, have the tray is in the Low tea position